The Minor in Accounting extends the accounting knowledge of Miller College of Business majors beyond the introductory courses. Courses elevate student knowledge of financial accounting, introduce tax accounting, and apply accounting skills hands-on with popular software applications. Open only to Miller College of Business majors which require completion of the Business Core curriculum. 

Key learning objectives of the Minor in Accounting include:  

  • Acquire awareness of advanced topics in financial accounting.
  • Develop an understanding of the US income tax system.
  • Build a deeper understanding of managerial accounting, corporate and entity tax accounting, and/or government and not for profit accounting.
  • Opportunity to develop client relation and income tax preparation skills through an immersive learning experience. 

Minor Requirements

Open only to the following Miller College of Business Majors: Business Administration, Business Analytics, Computer Information Systems, Economics, Entrepreneurial Management, Finance, Human Resources Management, Logistics and Supply Chain, Professional Selling, and Risk Management and Insurance. 

No more than six (6) credit hours may be used in completion of both the Minor in Accounting and another minor program. 



Classes You Will Take

Students must complete the following three (3) courses:

  • ACC 301: Intermediate Accounting 1
  • ACC 401: Introduction to Taxation
  • ACC 260: Accounting Fundamentals for Small Business

Students must complete at least two (2) of the following courses:

  • ACC 302: Intermediate Accounting 2
  • ACC 305: Accounting Information Systems
  • ACC 306: Intermediate Management Accounting
  • ACC 410: Advanced Topics in Taxation
  • ACC 420: Selected Topics in Accounting
  • ACC 430: Government and Nonprofit Accounting

Students enrolled in a major offered by a Department in the Miller College of Business (other than Accounting) which follows the business core class may earn the Minor in Accounting by:

How to Enroll

If you’re interested in pursuing this minor, please reach out to your academic advisor.

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