Commitment to Excellence

The Department of Communication Studies at Ball State is committed to communication excellence in both social and professional arenas. Students in the department can expect to develop a greater understanding of the communication process and hone the skills they need to effectively communicate in a variety of settings.

[Communication is a] discipline that studies all forms, modes, media, and consequences of communication through humanistic, social scientific, and aesthetic inquiry.

National Communication Association

Students in classExpertise and Diversity

What started as a small collection of courses in Ball State’s early history has evolved into a vibrant, diverse, and robust department covering a wide-range of communicative subjects. Eighteen full-time faculty members teach courses and conduct research on public speaking, popular culture, intercultural communication, activism, advocacy, nonverbal communication, political communication, rhetoric of marginalized voices, and much, much more. Faculty members are experts in their field and committed to advancing the knowledge base within the communication discipline.

Student-Centered, Community-Engaged

Student on Freedom Bus

Faculty in the department take pride in their student-centered approach and take their mission to teach seriously. Communication Studies provides several levels of advising support to guarantee that students get the assistance they need. A focus on immersive learning and community engagement also ensures that students have as many opportunities as possible to hone skills outside the classroom prior to graduating.

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