A student working with a young child.

Work with Young Writers

This course is an immersive, service learning opportunity. English 409 students meet with writers in the community to teach creative writing techniques and to write a text collaboratively. These young community partners are in various programs throughout Muncie, including

Learn about Publishing

Creative writing majors learn so much—about community engagement, about publishing, about creative writing, and about teaching creative writing. At the end of the semester, students hold a public reading and present the edited and published collection of work by the young writers.

We Believe

  • We’re better together. We believe that community engagement is important.
  • Creative writing allows for linguistic and conceptual development. Writers are sensitive to the world, to themselves, to the power of language.
  • Writing is stimulating. It causes joy and personal growth. It is important for children to read poetry and stories but also to make their own.
  • Pedagogy matters. This class investigates academic theory on teaching creative writing.
  • Reflection matters. Students in the course will reflect on each of their partner meetings and on the overall experience.