Are you intrigued by legends surrounding people like Warren Buffett or George Soros? Maybe you’re interested in discovering what causes a company’s stock to fluctuate. You might already be familiar with the additional meanings to terms like “hedge” and “spider.” If that describes you, then Ball State’s Department of Finance and Insurance is right for you. We offer bachelor’s degrees and minors in the exciting, fast-growing fields of finance, and risk management and insurance.

The Department of Finance and Insurance offers high-quality degree programs with industry relevance and academic rigor. Learn more about the core learning goals for our majors. 

Finance Major

Finance Major

BACHELOR OF ARTS OR Bachelor of Science

With a finance degree, you’ll learn how to leverage powerful problem-solving skills in corporate finance, management of financial institutions, security analysis and portfolio management, personal financial planning, and more—all under the guidance of faculty renowned for quality teaching. Learn more.

Risk Management Major

Risk Management and Insurance Major 

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Our bachelor’s degree in risk management and insurance prepares you to help businesses and everyday people plan for the known, unknown, and unknowable. You’ll learn how individuals and businesses manage risk through life and health insurance, commercial insurance, insurance law, and enterprise risk management. Learn more.

Minor in Banking

Our minor in banking guides you through several foundational courses to elevate your understanding of bank management and provides a career path in banking. Learn more.

Minor in Risk Management and Insurance

Enhance your academic experience with a minor in insurance, available for both business and non-business majors. Learn more.

Minor in Financial Planning

How does the idea of completing a minor while preparing for a professional certification sound? Our recently revised Minor in Financial Planning sets you on course to earn the Certified Financial Planning designation from the CFP Board. Learn more.

MBA with a Concentration in Finance

Equip yourself to handle financial duties in a business setting while demonstrating to your employer your willingness for greater responsibility. Our master’s of business administration degree offers a concentration in finance to get you there. Learn more.