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Adult Physical Fitness Program

The Adult Physical Fitness Program provides daily exercise supervision and exercise counseling by trained staff. Members undergo comprehensive health screening and physical fitness testing, from which an individualized exercise plan can be implemented to help members achieve their health and wellness goals. Learn more.

Simulation and Information Technology Center

Simulation and Information Technology Center

The Simulation and Information Technology Center is a clinical simulation and technology support center providing on campus and distance education services and resources for nursing students. The center has a diversity of space available for students to practice safe patient care simulations. Learn more.

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East Central Indiana Area Health Education Center

The East Central Indiana Area Health Education Center is part of a state and nationwide network of programs working to enhance access to quality health care, particularly primary and preventive care, by improving the supply and distribution of health care professionals through community/academic educational partnerships. Learn more.

Center for Peace and Conflict Studies

Center for Peace and Conflict Studies

Established in 1988, the mission of the interdisciplinary Center for Peace and Conflict Studies is to pursue research on structural and direct forms of violence and conflict; to implement nonviolent strategies to resolve conflict; to offer mediation services to individuals, groups, and organizations; and to train people in conflict resolution, meditation, peace-building, leadership, mediation, and sportspersonship skills. Learn more.

Interprofessional Community Clinics

The Interprofessional Community Clinics include three clinics and a center that offer health and wellness services and education to the greater Muncie community. Under the supervision of experienced faculty and licensed health professionals, Ball State University students work closely with their clients to provide them with affordable, quality care. The Interprofessional Community Clinics bring together seven academic units and engages over 400 students in professional practice each year. Learn more.

Biomechanics Lab

Biomechanics Lab

Services provided in the biomechanics lab include clinical gait analysis, through which you’ll evaluate a client’s walking pattern through sophisticated 3-D motion-capture technology. Additional services include one of the country’s few split belt force-instrumented treadmills for studying motion, along with a 3-D analysis of everything from the volleyball spike to the baseball pitch to the golf swing or tennis serve. Learn more.

Exercise Science Clinic

Exercise Science Laboratory

The laboratory is used by the exercise physiology and fitness assessment classes. In addition to the use, the lab is open for student use most afternoons during the week and is staffed by an upper level undergraduate student in the program. During open lab hours, students may use the lab to study, to complete assignments, or to perfect practical skills being taught in class. Learn more.

Human Performance Lab

Human Performance Laboratory

The Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) at Ball State University was founded in 1965 and has a long history of applied exercise physiology research and training graduate students at the master and doctoral level. The HPL has been involved in a variety of applied research topics since its inception including carbohydrate metabolism, heat stress, fluid balance, over-training and tapering in runners, swimmers, and cyclists. This applied approach continues today with the focus on limits of human performance and clinical investigations of aging, space flight, children, and diabetes to name a few. Graduate programs in exercise physiology, clinical exercise physiology and a PhD program in Human Bioenergetics allow students to focus on an area of specialization that suit their interest and abilities. Learn more.

Integrated Exercise Lab

Integrative Exercise Physiology Laboratory

Research in the Integrative Exercise Physiology Laboratory (IEPL) investigates the functioning of individual cells, systems, and organs as they apply to our understanding of the functioning of the entire human body. These studies have implications for both health and athletic performance. This laboratory provides collaborative opportunities for students and faculty in the Exercise Science, Biomechanics, Exercise and Sport Psychology, Coaching, and PE Teacher Education programs. Learn more.

Nutrition Lab

Nutrition Assessment Lab and Dietitian Consulting Services

The Nutrition Assessment Lab is the nutrition resource on campus to help Ball State employees assess their nutrition-related health habits and behaviors while assisting them in making healthier food choices. Your sessions include personalized nutrition education on any topic of interest, such as weight loss, heart healthy eating, vegetarian or vegan diets, and more. Learn more.

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Clinical Exercise Physiology Laboratory

The laboratory contains state-of-the-art equipment for the comprehensive assessment of cardiometabolic risk factors, body composition, vascular structure and function, and cardiopulmonary exercise testing. The lab supports the educational training of graduate students in the CEP program and provides the Adult Physical Fitness Program as a community service. Learn more.