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The Music Creation/Composition concentration is focused on developing skills in producing new works of music for the concert hall, film scores, video games, and more. This concentration features one-on-one composition lessons from our award-winning faculty, the flexibility of a BA/BS degree to pursue a wide variety of musical studies, and numerous elective options to suit your interests. You can take courses in music technology, arranging, orchestration, composing for visual media, and more.
The Applied Music concentration is for students who want to specialize in the performance of their instrument within the context of a well-rounded music experience. Students in this concentration can select elective courses in other specialties in the School or pursue further performance study, depending on their interests. This degree is well suited for a minor within the School or a double major with another degree on campus.
The Music Exploration concentration is our most open-ended program, offering numerous opportunities for a student to craft an individual study of music suited to their interests and goals. This is the ideal program to combine a general interest in music with another area in order to double major in music and journalism, music and business, or some other combination. As this program does not require an audition for admission, it is a good option for a student to pursue study in music while anticipating transferring to another program.

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Are you interested in our program? Admission to the School of Music is competitive. As such, we require an audition on voice or a traditional instrument for all prospective students, on top of the University-wide application.

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