The School of Nursing is committed to not only providing the best education and learning environment for students, but also preparing them for the future. The following resources can help students and alumni pursue professional development.

Ball State University Career Center has excellent resources for polishing up your resume, practicing your interviewing skills, and a host of other tools that will aid you in your job search.

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Career Finder is a free-to-use tool that leverages US Bureau of Labor Statistics data, tens of thousands of job postings, and data from over 2 million respondents with 360 careers and over 140 majors to help nursing students find career paths and current job openings.

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EduMed knows that higher education can be the ticket to a rewarding career in medical and health. We also know that every student needs different things when it comes to education, whether a fully online program to maximize flexibility or help finding and securing financial aid or scholarships. To get students moving in the right direction, we work with hundreds of healthcare and higher education experts to provide well-researched and user-friendly content, from detailed school rankings of schools and programs to interviews with online program leaders at colleges and universities across the country. Learn how EduMed can help you succeed.

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Incredible Health's thorough guide, titled "Nursing Career Resources" provides nurses with several job searching tips as well as job openings in a number of states, career development resources that will help them grow professionally and gain support and knowledge through mentorships, nursing conferences, and professional nursing organizations, and lastly, specialty-specific guides that provide detailed information on the many career paths available in the field of nursing.

Visit Website offers job listings for nurses, physicians, and other health care professionals in Indiana. This job board is a service of the Indiana Hospital Association, and it provides job seekers with a direct employment connection to Indiana hospitals.

Visit Website offers information about the different kinds of careers in nursing, including all the different kinds of positions, specialties, and career alternatives. They also have a job search tool.

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Travel Nursing offers a free resource for nurses researching career opportunities and searching for positions in the exciting field of travel nursing. The website has free resources on how to become a travel nurse, the benefits, salary, how to find a job, and answers to numerous other frequently asked questions.

Visit Website allows users to build their own professional resumes online for free. The website offers several templates to choose from and helps guide users through the process of building an effective resume. Once you're done, you can then publish your resume and advertise yourself to thousands of potential employers online.

Visit Website has created an in-depth guidebook for anyone seeking detailed information and data on careers in public health. This new resource includes a detailed breakdown of the public health career landscape, as well as common specializations, industries and companies that attract public health professionals, and interviews with people currently working in the field.

The public health careers guide was edited by Sarah J. Vincent, a healthcare administrator and industry expert who earned her master's in public health (MPH) from Columbia University.

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Medical assistants have an enormous career potential in the medical world as this is one of the fastest growing fields with unlimited growth options.

The following guidebook provides these resources and more:

  • a projected timeline for career advancement for a medical assistant depending on their route of career pursuit
  • advice on how to advance in the medical field and the benefits of pursuing a higher education
  • resources for current medical assistants, those in school, and expert advice for those interested in a higher education

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