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Department Projects

Immersive learning brings together interdisciplinary, student-driven teams guided by faculty mentors to create high-impact learning experiences.

Through immersive learning, students earn credit for working collaboratively with businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies to address community challenges.

Access to Justice Clinic

Professor Brad Gideon’s Legal Studies Program’s Access to Justice Clinic places students with a wide range of community partners to provide legal support services to underserved populations in the community and state.

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Students work directly with clients, attorneys, paralegals, case managers, and court personnel to help those in need of legal services.

Students help represent those in domestic violence situations, senior citizens and the disabled, and children in the foster care system. Students conduct legal research, draft legal documents, interview clients, and may even testify in court.

Dr. Jeongyoon Lee's
POLS 460/560 Public and Social Entrepreneurship and Social Change class was an immersive learning project that worked with the Muncie Time Bank (MTB) as a community partner.


Students examined the organizational challenges that MTB (as a local nonprofit) was facing and developed a set of policy and management recommendations to improve their organizational situation. Students divided into three teams and investigated three facets of the larger organizational issues of MTB: leadership and data management, marketing and recruitment, and motivation and retention. In order to define the dimensions of the issues and develop solutions, students engaged in volunteering activities with the MTB, meeting with the MTB board of directors and active MTB members, conducting interviews and surveys, and participating in marketing and recruitment efforts. Also, students planned, organized, and hosted a community social event where they presented their findings and shared their reflections from their participation in the course. This immersive learning course help students gain new practical knowledge and apply theories and concepts in a real-world situation.

In Spring 2017, our POLS 648 Policy Analysis class was taught as an immersive learning project that worked with the Muncie Redevelopment Commission as a community partner.

Students examined the issue of abandoned housing and developed a set of policy recommendations to mitigate the problems caused by abandoned housing in the city. Students engaged with many community stakeholders in defining the dimensions of the problem and developing policy solutions.

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