students at commencement in Worthen Arena

We are incredibly proud of the accomplishments of our graduates as they go on to pursue careers in government, law, nonprofit administration, academia, business, and public service. By contributing guest lectures, mentoring students, providing financial support for scholarships, and serving as role models, our alumni continue to play a valuable role in the life of our department long after they leave Ball State. These opportunities are not only valuable to our faculty and students they also enable our alumni to network with other graduates of our department.

Get involved in our department in a number of ways:

  • Give a guest lecture to a class or student organization
  • Participate in alumni workshops that help prepare our students for the workplace
  • Provide financial support for scholarships, events, and activities.

To inquire about becoming more involved in our department please contact the Department Chair, Dr. Darren Wheeler.

For more information about the Indiana Political Science Association, see our site at

Stay Up to Date

Follow us on social media and sign up for our alumni newsletter to stay up to date about developments in our department. Likewise, the alumni directory and alumni association are valuable resources.


Every contribution to Ball State provides opportunities for innovation and the ability to educate and empower the next generation of leaders. You have many giving options available to suit your preferences: online, mail, phone, payroll deductions, and more.

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