As a Ball State psychological science student, you’ll find amazing levels of support as you determine the direction of your education and your career. You’ll also find generous financial support, through scholarships and grants. You’ll grow through the support of fellow students as well as academic and industry backers who are committed to your success and opportunity. And you’ll be presented with many opportunities for recognition of your academic and research achievements.

Psi Chi National Honor Society

Each year, we recognize students who meet the membership requirements of Psi Chi, a national honor society for psychology. The organization advances science and supporting excellence in scholarship. Simply being inducted into Psi Chi is an honor – a recognition of strong academic accomplishment. Membership in the society then builds upon that honor by stimulating academic and professional growth, fellowship, and practical experience. Learn more.

Departmental Honors

Our departmental honors program recognizes students who exhibit outstanding levels of academic achievement in their majors. Learn more (PDF).

Immersive Learning

Through immersive learning projects, you’ll have the opportunity to help solve a real-world problem for a partner in our community while gaining valuable hands-on experience. Learn more.

Student Research

Grants and awards provide strong encouragement for psychology research. Research grants are available to cover some of the expenses and supplies required for research. Awards provide meaningful recognition upon completion of meaningful research, and may even feature monetary prizes. Learn more.

Scholarships and Graduate Assistantships

Of course, you won’t be in the position to land grants, awards, and recognitions without first uncovering any financial support you need to become a student. Among the many kinds of financial aid available to you as a Ball State student are departmental and university scholarships that are awarded every year to dedicated psychology students. Find funding.

Academic Honors in Writing

Academic Honors in Writing (AHW) is a program designed to foster and reward excellence in undergraduate writing. At commencement, selected graduating seniors will be honored for their superior writing skills. Both the commencement program and the students’ transcripts will acknowledge this prestigious achievement. Such an honor will be a matter of personal pride for the recipients and will also be of great interest to prospective employers.  Learn more.