According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the professional outlook for urban planning professionals is strong. Ninety-six percent of recent graduates have jobs in the urban planning profession. Ball State MURP graduates have a distinct advantage in finding jobs that match their interests and skills. Some of this success can be attributed to our extensive alumni network, which stretches from Seattle to Baltimore.

The prospect for planning jobs is excellent. Urban planners are vital for adapting the built environment to become more sustainable, equitable, and economically competitive. Urban planners are critical to our future!

Graduates of our MURP program move directly into professional positions, often managing or leading projects. Our program prepares students for an entry-level professional planning job, as well as a path towards a successful, life-long career in positions of leadership and innovation.

Planners work in the for-profit, non-profit, and government sectors in a variety of roles.

When working at for-profit development firms like Structurepoint, planners may provide insight into the design and layout of buildings, landscaping and amenities, or they may provide analytical and technical expertise on the cost or environmental sustainability of projects. 

The non-profit sector for planning professionals is very diverse. Some planners work in neighborhood-based organizations, called community development corporations, doing neighborhood organizing, housing development or grant writing.

In the government sector, planners may work for particular cities on a comprehensive plan or zoning process, or they may work for state-wide or regional agencies focused on particular issues, like transportation, housing or economic development.

While planning implies making prescriptions about future action, in all of these roles, planners are often critical and dynamic stewards, getting work done to improve the environment and the lives of residents.

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