Gain insight into the profession through hands-on experience and mentorship through an internship. We require both undergraduate and graduate students to engage in these meaningful learning experiences with professionals in the public sector, private sector, or in a related non-profit.


Graduate Assistantships are also a great way to gain valuable career experience and connections, working alongside faculty or with one of our outside partners. Some of our best students are sponsored by surrounding towns and government organizations in Muncie, Anderson, Carmel, and Indianapolis to name a few. Learn more.

Undergraduate Students

You're required to participate in a 200-hour internship after completing your third year studio courses. Summer internships in planning agencies, community development departments, and similar settings are the most common.

Graduate Students

If you're pursuing a Master of Urban and Regional Planning, you are required to complete a 200-hour internship. It is most common to complete this during the summer between the first and second years of your degree.

Review and Approval

Internships are arranged with the assistance and approval of our department and may be undertaken after completing the department’s mandatory portfolio review process. Before you begin your internship, you must register with Cardinal Career Link and report your internship in that system. The department will approve your internship through that system or contact you if there are any questions.

When you complete your internship, you will fill out a self-assessment through Cardinal Career Link. Your employer will be sent a request for an appraisal of your performance as well.

To earn credit for your internship, you must complete this required information and register for the appropriate internship “class,” PLAN 369 for undergrads or PLAN 691 for graduate students.