If you disagree with an action or proposed action of the university relating to the awarding, continuation, or termination of financial assistance, you can seek resolution of the problem with the professional staff of our office. Matters relating to student employment should be directed to the staff of the Career Center.

If you continue to believe that the action or proposed action is inappropriate, you may submit a grievance and request a hearing. The Student Financial Assistance Committee (a standing committee of the University Governance) is responsible for hearing such grievances.

You must submit the grievance in writing no more than 20 working days after the action has been taken or proposed. The grievance may be submitted either to the director of our office or the chair of the Student Financial Assistance Committee. A grievance not filed within this time limit will automatically be dismissed unless the committee determines that good cause exists for the delay.

The written grievance should describe the action with which you disagree and should set forth the reasons for disagreement. You may submit written documents, statements, and other relevant information in support of your position.

Any party adversely affected by the decision of the committee may request in writing that the matter be reviewed by the vice president for Student Affairs. The vice president will review the record and render a final decision.

These procedures do not apply to grievances for which other university hearing procedures are available, such as grievances claiming discrimination (based on race, sex, religion, national origin, etc.) or relating to disciplinary action taken against the student.