The CCIM Living-Learning Community is for students pursuing majors in the College of Communication, Information, and Media. Students living in this community can expect an environment that focuses on exploring the different majors that fall within the college as well as careers associated with communication, information, and media. The CCIM LLC is designed to enhance student's academic capabilities and provide key resources within the four walls of the residence hall.

Academic Peer Mentor:
Daniel Botros
Madelyn Bracken

The Signature Experience

New for the 23-24 Academic Year, the Signature Experience is an exciting opportunity for incoming first-year students in CCIM and Honors who are highly invested in their major!


Residence Hall

Botsford/Swinford Residence Hall

Located in the north residential neighborhood and renovated in 2017, Botsford/Swinford Hall is the home of the CCIM Living-Learning Community.

Botsford/Swinford provides students close access to North Dining Hall, the Jo Ann Gora Student Recreation and Wellness Center, three other close-by residence halls, and several academic buildings.

This state-of-the-art residence hall has centralized air conditioning, free WIFI, a fitness room, spacious lounges and study spaces, a game room, a green screen room, and an equipment room with the technology available to be checked out.

Botsford/Swinford hall is coed and has semi-private bathrooms (a bathroom shared by a small number of students). Furniture within the hall is loftable, allowing students to truly tailor their living space.

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Each Living-Learning Community has notable experiences for students. For the CCIM LLC, this includes:

  • Dogs and Donuts: In collaboration with Emerging Media, Dogs and Donuts invites College of Communication, Information, and Media faculty members and their dogs to Botsford/Swinford. This opportunity allows students to make connections with faculty members, enjoy donuts, and delight in the sweet
    company of furry companions!
  • Professional Visit Opportunities: In the past, the CCIM LLC has taken “field trip” style trips to Matchbox Advertising. Visiting the medium-sized, Indy-based ad agency has provided a first-hand experience for students to meet and network with several BSU Alumni, hear more about the variety of jobs in the field, and learn about potential internship opportunities available.

Resource Room

The CCIM LLC has a Green Screen Room located on the first floor of Botsford/Swinford hall. Students of the LLC have access to reserve the space and utilize it for projects or other needs. This Green Screen is actually the second largest on campus, falling behind in size to the one located in the communications building.

A large Computer Lab on the first floor of the building is available for all students living in the building to access. Several computers, including Mac desktops, are housed in this space. These computers already have photo editing, video editing, and design software installed to ensure students can enhance their skills and complete their assignments. All computers are connected to a community printer located in the lab.

To ensure all students in the LLC have access to the proper technology, Botsford/Swinford also has an equipment locker room. This space is home to all equipment a CCIM student would need for them to explore their interests and skills related to their field of study. After completing training with an Academic Peer Mentor, students of the LLC can check out cameras, tripods, sound equipment, and additional video equipment for use.

Academic Partner:


  • Advertising
  • Applied Cybersecurity
  • Communication Studies
  • Computer and Information Technology
  • Journalism
  • Journalism, Teaching
  • Media
  • Public Relations
  • Strategic Communication: Advertising
  • Strategic Communication: Public Relations
  • Telecommunications

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