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The Nursing Living-Learning Community is dedicated to students in an academically rigorous program who are considering nursing as a career. Learning focuses more on a variety of issues, specialty areas, and careers related to nursing.

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Residence Hall

Woodworth Residence Hall

As of the 24-25 Academic Year, the four-story complex of Woodworth is where the Health Professions and Nursing LLCs resides. Woodworth Complex is comprised of Brady, Wood, Crosley and Rogers halls and houses 600 residents.

Woodworth is near Bracken Library, Pruis Hall, Emens Auditorium, and several academic buildings. Residence halls in the same neighborhood include Park and Woodworth.

This residence hall has its own food court on the first floor of the building. Woodworth Commons offers a variety of dining choices to fit almost any appetite—anything from a grab-and-go sandwich to a meal cooked on a Mongolian grill. You can dine in a two-story atrium or one of the cozier dining areas with couches and TVs.

Woodworth includes free WIFI, a fitness room, spacious lounges and study spaces, a game room, and a music room. The hall is coed, includes community-style bathrooms, and the beds are stackable.

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Each Living-Learning Community has notable experiences for students. For the Nursing LLC this includes:

  • Mock Practical: The Mock Practical program impersonates the anatomy exam that those in this overarching area of focus is required to take. This program helps provide resources and guidance to support students as they prepare for the anatomy exam.
  • Nursing Panel: This legacy program typically brings together nursing students, a nursing advisor, and a college of health science advisor for a panel discussion covering how to get into the nursing program and answer questions that first year nursing students likely have.
  • PAX-RN Program: Conducted by the Nursing APM, this program helps active Nursing LLC students prepare for the PAX exam.

Resource Room

Located on the first floor of Woodworth, students living in this community can expect an environment that focuses on learning about the different majors and careers within the nursing field.

This space generally hosts programming and support coordinated by the Nursing Academic Peer Mentor. It also houses course-specific learning resources such as anatomical models, books, and various study materials.

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  • Nursing

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