For Students

Financial aid refunds are sent by direct deposit into your bank account. To sign up for direct deposit:

1. Visit our online direct deposit form here:

  • If you are using Safari (Mac, iPhone), your browser may display an 'unauthorized' message.  At that point, refresh the page, and the request for your University login credentials should then appear.  
  • If using another browser, and you are unable to sign in, please try clearing your browser history, closing and restarting the browser, and then trying again.

2. Sign in with your Ball State username and password. Do not enter your full email address - only your user name.

3. Carefully enter your bank account information. Incorrect account and routing numbers will delay deposits.

4. An email will be sent to your Ball State e-mail account when a financial aid refund or non-payroll payment is processed.  

Remember to log in and click on “Make Changes” if your bank account information needs to be updated. For help, call the Office of Accounts Payable at 765-285-1327, or e-mail us.

For Parents

PLUS refunds payable to parents are not eligible for direct deposit at this time.

For Vendors

Complete and return our ACH Authorization Form or provide your company's banking information on company letterhead.