Your time in college will be filled with opportunities and challenges. Fortunately, there are resources, like the College Scholar Success Program, designed to help you succeed in college and your future career. In order to maintain your scholarship, you must complete annual requirements. You must choose one activity from both the College Engagement and Career Preparation categories and identify one mentor/champion. After you complete these activities, log into your ScholarTrack account to report your progress.

Identify one Mentor/Champion

Identify One Mentor/Champion

Identify at least one personal or professional mentor/coach/champion who you can turn to for advice to help you through your college career and into the workforce. This individual can be campus-based or community-based.  The Mentor's name and email must be reported in ScholarTrack.

Here are ways to complete your College Engagement requirements.

Bridge Program (first year only)

Bridge programs provide students with academic and social experiences over the summer between high school and college. 

New Student Orientation (first year only)

Orientation is usually a day program where new students are able to learn their way around campus, create their first-semester schedule, and connect with other students. 

First-Year Experience (first year only)

A first-year experience or seminar and may include PACE program and Advising programs and is designed to help ease the transition from high school to college by providing social and academic experience.

Learning Living Communities

Living Learning Communities are specialized living environments that help students connect inside and outside the classroom.

Campus Involvement

Campus involvement encompasses many different ways that you have interacted with and have become engaged on campus including student life, internships, volunteering, recreation services, athletics, fraternity/sorority life, BennyLink, and service events.

Study Abroad/Study Away

Study abroad/Study Away is a program that allows you to complete part of your degree away from your campus — on another campus in the United States or in another country.


Please contact your 21st Century Scholar Success Coach or 765-285-3312 for questions!

Here are ways to complete your Career Preparation requirements.

Informational Interview

An informational interview is a way to learn more about a career you’re interested in by talking with and asking questions from someone who is working in that field or can also be a speaker in current field of study. Person's name and email must be reported in ScholarTrack.

Job Shadow/Career Assessment

A job shadow is a time where you follow an individual in a position or profession you’re interested in to learn more about what that entails. Career assessment includes workshops to help students on their career path.


 A professional resume is a document used to share your education and experience with a potential employer.


An internship or practicum is a structured and supervised opportunity that provides you with practical experiences in a career field such as student teaching. 

Student Faculty Research

Student-faculty research is an activity where a student and faculty connect to research a topic of interest. It is generally for credit, but can be extracurricular as well and includes Immersive Learning, student teaching, and volunteer hours. Check with your academic advisor for options or the Immersive Learning Center.

Visit the Career Center for other services.


Contact your 21st Century Success Coach at 765-285-3312 for questions.