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Finding the right internship can feel pretty daunting. But with the Career Center's help, you can connect with the right opportunity to gain the experience you need. Whether you're looking to gain valuable experience, build your professional network, or determine if you're on the right career path, learn how our internship programs bring students, faculty, and employers together to create amazing opportunities.

Ready to Start an Internship?

Here's what you should know:

Between your junior and senior year, but you can get started as early as your freshman year.

Before applying to internships, we recommend that you meet with a career coach at the Career Center to review your resume and cover letter and help you prepare for interviews. You can find internship opportunities in a variety of ways, including (but not limited to) the following:

Typically, credit-based internships are 10 to 16 weeks, or the length of the semester.

Noncredit internships can vary in length but will generally last several months, though length is at the discretion of the employer and student.

To receive academic credit for an internship, you must still pay tuition and fees and complete your internship under the supervision of a faculty member. A satisfactory or unsatisfactory grade will be listed on transcripts in accordance with the rules governing credit internships for majors.

If your internship is not for credit, you will not pay tuition or fees for the internship hours, and faculty supervision will not be required. An uncredited internship will not appear on transcripts. However, the experience can be listed on resumes and cocurricular transcripts.

Yes, depending upon major requirements. Interning abroad should be planned one year in advance. Contact the Rinker Center for Global Affairs for more information.

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