Student Interviewing

You’ve filled out the application, created an impressive resume, and landed the job interview. Do you know what to do next?

Each year, hundreds of Ball State students participate in the Interview Assistance Program, allowing them to polish their interview skills.

You’ve spent your entire life preparing for professional opportunities. The Interview Assistance Program just puts you one step closer to achieving your most important goals. To learn how you can participate in the Interview Assistance program, connect with the Career Center.

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Practice With Your Career Coach

Whether you’re preparing for a big day or just wanting to sharpen your skills, practice interviews can be scheduled with your Career Coach. While you won’t get a job offer with this practice interview, you will receive feedback on your performance and suggestions for improvement. Sign up for a coaching appointment on Cardinal Career Link.

Practice Online

Can’t make it into the Career Center to meet with your Coach? No problem! Interviews on Demand are available 24 hours a day on Cardinal Career Link. Record your responses to pre-loaded questions, which can be reviewed at a later date with a Career Coach or on your own.

Practice as Part of Your Class

The Practice Interview Program is a unique opportunity for you to sit down with an employer for a practice interview and receive direct feedback. If you are in a class that is a participating in this program please check your course materials for all of the details.

Do your homework. Learn as much as you can about the organization, the interviewer (or interviewers), and the position’s salary range. Know how your skills match up to the job description, and be ready to give examples of how you’ve put those qualifications into action.

This practice interview should be approached as though it were the real thing:

  • Dress professionally.
  • Come prepared with questions for the interviewer.
  • Bring copies of your resume or your professional portfolios.

While you won’t get a job offer with this practice interview, you will receive feedback on your performance and suggestions for improvement.

There’s not a “best” way to answer questions, but there are a few approaches that you might want to be aware of before you show up to your interview.

  • Behavior-based interviewing is one way your interviewer might ask questions. Based on the idea that the way you’ve handled past situations will inform the way you handle future situations, potential employers are looking at the ways you’ve dealt with scenarios like disappointment, team conflict, goal setting, and more. You can find countless lists of behavior-based interview questions online, and it would be helpful to review several lists when preparing for your interview.
  • Another question-answer approach is known as the problem, action, result (PAR). Here, you’ll want to answer a question by stating a problem or situation that you faced, describing the action that you took, and then explaining the results of that action.

More than 800 students who participate in the Practice Interview Program receive professional training from over 50 corporate volunteers. These volunteers include top executives, hiring managers, and seasoned professionals from all across the state.

To view a list of organizations that have scheduled visits to campus to interview Ball State students and alumni this semester, log in to your Cardinal Career Link account. Once in your account, select the "Interviews I qualify for" link.

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