The Student Technology Suites are located in the Ball Communication Building, Room BC194. They offer multiple rooms of different sizes to use for many technology-based purposes. These rooms include:

Accessible Technology

In addition to our full Accessible Technology Lab in RB168, the Student Technology Suites offer access to screen readers, a Braille printer, and other accessible technologies.

Meeting Rooms with Computers

The Student Technology Suites provide several meeting spaces equipped with computers for student use. There is a small meeting room with tables and chairs for 3 to 5 people and one available computer, two medium size meeting rooms with tables and chairs for 6 to 8 people and one available computer, and a large meeting room with seating for 10-15 people and 10 available computers.

Flex Rooms

In addition, there are several small flex rooms that could be used for testing, small group meetings (2 to 3 people), as well as a couple of sound-proof rooms where students could record a podcast or make voiceover recordings. (Audio recording equipment is not yet available, so students will need to provide their own.)

Lounge Area

An informal seating area with comfortable furniture for student group meetings, studying, or just hanging out.

How Can Students Use The Suites?

 We now have a reservation system up and running, so you can schedule times for yourself or small groups.

Reserve a Room in the Student Technology Suites

How to Reserve a Room in the Student Technology Suites (PDF)

These rooms can be used for many technology-based purposes, such as:

  • Taking individual tests, including tests that require Respondus Lockdown Browser (Respondus Monitor)
  • Group project meetings
  • Club meetings 
  • Participate in Zoom classes/meetings
  • Speech, presentation or interview practice for individuals or groups
  • Audio recording/podcast recording (see Audio Board Sources below for instructions and drivers)
  • Study sessions
  • Brainstorming and collaboration sessions
  • Private meetings

Additional technology solutions may become available over time as we evolve our services.

Audio Board Resources


Zoom L-8 Audio Board Operation Manual (PDF)

Zoom L-8 Audio Board  Quick Guide (PDF)

Zoom L-8 Audio Board Driver Installation Guide (PDF)

Software Drivers

Mac (ZIP file)

Windows (ZIP file)