As a part of Information Technology, University Media Services (UMS) provides professional video production and broadcasting services to the University and its departments, including media support for distance education, Ball State sports broadcasting with ESPN3, and classroom media delivery.

Information Technology also manages and operates the university public radio and television broadcasting facilities Ball State PBS and Indiana Public Radio/WBST-FM.

Video Production Services

Our award-winning video production teams can provide video production and post-production services to academic and administrative departments, as well as classroom video production support for faculty. Our services range from single/multiple camera documentation of events to full-fledged studio production to remote production and broadcasting via our 40-foot remote production truck.

UMS video production services used as an instructional tool to enhance the classroom or online learning experience are provided at no cost to the department or faculty member.

UMS video production services used to promote a college, department, or program are provided at an out-of-pocket expense cost.

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Broadcasting Services

Ball State University owns and operates Ball State PBS (previously WIPB-TV) and Indiana Public Radio (WBST-FM) and provides these broadcasting services to the university and its colleges and departments.

Ball State PBS

A Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) affiliate station, Ball State PBS serves nearly 664,000 households, covering a 22-county region, in central Indiana and western Ohio. In public service since 1971, Ball State PBS is housed in a state-of-the-art facility on the Ball State campus.

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Indiana Public Radio

Your local source for classical music and NPR News, Indiana Public Radio has been providing public radio service to east central Indiana communities since 1960. WBST-FM, the flagship station of the network, operates from studios at Ball State University, and also serves:

  • WBSB 89.5FM/Anderson
  • WBSW 90.9FM/Marion
  • WBSH 91.7FM/Hagerstown-New Castle

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