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Outdoor Pursuits offers a variety of trips each semester to match any level of experience. Trips range from short day trips to extended week-long expeditions. Trips are open on a first-come, first-served basis and are usually limited to a certain number of participants. The minimum number will vary depending upon the nature and location of the trip. 

Below are the Fall 2023 Trips! More information to come!

Trip 1: White River Day Paddle, September 2, 2023: $40.00

Join Ball State Outdoor Pursuits on an entry level paddling trip from the farmlands of Muncie to Daleville Indiana! Whether you are an Outdoor Pursuits veteran or have never been paddling in your life, this trip is sure to provide plenty of fun, comradery and laughs down the famous Indiana White River. All paddles, boats, and gear are provided through OP and trip fees. Just be sure to pack a snack!

Click here to register for White River Day Paddle!

Trip 2:  East Race Waterway rafting, September 16, 2023: $75.00

Join Outdoor Pursuits on an exciting day trip to go whitewater rafting! Located in downtown South Bend, the East Race Waterway is the first artificial white water course in North America, its rapids rival those of the Colorado River and can generate waves up to six feet or higher.  It is approximately 2,000 feet long with a total fall of about 12 feet depending. A perfect rafting trip for total beginners or expert rafters! 


Trip 3: Marengo Cave Waterfall Crawl, September 23-24, 2023: $40.00

Visit Marengo Cave, in this weekend get away! On a guided tour through the 13th largest under ground spring you'll be able to wade through underground rivers scramble and trudge through the "Valley of Lost Soles" Crawl through the clay filled "Pig Pen" and visit a real underground Waterfall!

Click here to register for Marengo Cave Waterfall Crawl!

Trip 4: Holy Boulders Trip, October 6-10, 2023: $120.00

Join Ball State Outdoor Pursuits on a climbing trip over fall break to Holy Boulders in Illinois! This climbing trip will consist of camping, hiking, and bouldering! Accessible to all levels of climbers, Holy Boulders is an iconic climbing destination that has routes ranging from some of the hardest in the Midwest to beginner climbs. Whether you consider yourself a veteran climber or want to try outdoor climbing for the first time, this is absolutely the trip for you. All camping, climbing, and hiking gear (including food) will be provided by Ball State on this adventure.

Click here to register for Holy Boulders!

Trip 5: Town Run Trail Biking, October 14, 2023: $25.00

Town Run Trail Biking offers a fantastic moderate to beginning level trail biking experience to those of all skill levels of biking! Offering dirt rollers and rock gardens at beginner riding all the way to up to dirt jump tracks, table top jumps, shoots and bridges, for those looking for a more experienced challenge. 127 acre's long with over 7 miles of mountain bike trails!

Click here to register for Town Run Trail Biking

Trip 6: Hocking Hills Weekend Trip, November 12, 2023: $100.00

Join Ball State Outdoor Pursuits for a weekend long adventure at Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio! Staying two nights at Old Mans Cave Campground, this adventure will consist of campfires, s'mores, hiking, and a trip to the John Glenn Astronomy park. All activities, food, and camping equipment will be provided by ball State Outdoor Pursuits.

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All participants are required to have an OP Health Questionnaire on file. The waiver has to be completed within your member profile at See steps below.



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Steps to Sign Up

  1. Visit to log into your new Recreation Services Membership Portal.
  2. Sign into your account using your BSU information by selecting "Sign in with BSU Username and Password".
  3. Once logged in, select “Memberships and Waivers” from the options below.  Select “OP Health Questionnaire” from a list of options.
  4. Follow the steps to complete the waiver. This waiver will stay on file for one year. 
  5. Complete the waiver by selecting "Add to Cart" then "Checkout".
  6. Once the waiver has been completed, return to the home page select “Programs and Registrations” from the options below.  Select “Trips and Clinics” from a list of options.
  7. Complete the payment process with credit card.

For those who do not have a BSU log-in, register for your guest profile by selecting “Sign Up” 
located in the top right corner. Follow the steps to create a profile and verify your account.


  • Ninety percent of payment is refundable if the participant withdraws at least 10 business days prior to the trip or clinic date. Less than 10 business days results in no refund.
  • Further restrictions may be placed on longer, more costly trips (such as Spring Break trips).
  • All trips and clinics that have a non-refundable deposit element will be identified as such.
  • All trip fees are fully refundable if Outdoor Pursuits cancels the trip or clinic for any reason.
  • All trip refund requests must go through the Coordinator of Outdoor Pursuits.

Find Your Challenge

Each trip on the registration page has been labeled with intensity and experience levels to better help you identify which Outdoor Pursuits experience is right for you! Please carefully read the trip description and do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions.


This trip is designed for fun and relaxation. If you’re able to make your way across campus without any problem, you’re ready for these trips. Most single-day trips fit into this category.


This trip will require a moderate amount of walking, paddling, biking, active participation, etc. Plan to spend the majority of the day up and moving.


This trip will require a significant amount of hiking, paddling, biking, climbing, active participation, etc. Plan to spend more time moving than you’re used to.

Very Strenuous

These trips will test you physically. Long days, long mileage, and challenging terrain are par for the course. Regular physical activity and conditioning are a must to be prepared for this experience. Previous experience in the activity may be recommended.


A perfect trip for a first-timer. You will have an opportunity to get some basic experience with us, and learn about the activity in a beginner-friendly environment.


Beginners are welcome, but we recommend some previous experience to get the most out of the trip.


We strongly recommend previous experience. You should be comfortable with applicable skill set for the trip.


Demonstrated skill is required. We may require applicable certifications to participate in the trip. The technical nature of the trip makes it impossible for beginners to safely participate.