If you are enrolled in a term that is in session, you qualify as a current student. Students have 60 days past their last registered term to request printed copies of their transcript at no charge. If you are no longer enrolled after those 60 days, charges would apply.

If you are requesting your transcript to be mailed, the normal delivery method is through first class mail. Transcripts are produced three to five days after your order is received. Allow another five to seven days for delivery via United States Postal Service. Transcript requests are not processed or mailed on days the university is closed (weekends/holidays). Requests received while the university is closed will be processed the next business day in the order received.

University holds due to outstanding balances do not affect a student's access to their transcript.

If you require special handling for printed transcripts, we offer overnight transcript delivery for a $50 fee (in addition to the per copy transcript fee of $12).

Overnight orders must be entered through the National Student Clearinghouse site by noon Eastern Time in order to be processed that same day. Those orders not completed by noon will be processed on the next business day and therefore impact overnight delivery. Overnight delivery option does not include Saturday delivery.

Status updates will be emailed to the requestor as the order is processed. If requesting through the National Student Clearinghouse, ensure that both request and consent forms are completed and submitted. Information will also be given if a transcript cannot be sent due to a hold on the student’s record.

Requestors can also check the status of their requests through the National Student Clearinghouse website.

Former Students:  All grades and degrees earned are posted to transcripts within 4-6 weeks of your last semester.

Current Students:  Grades for the current semester are posted to transcripts by the Thursday following Final Exam week.  Degrees take up to 6 weeks to confirm after the last day of the term. Please check your Degree Works to make sure your degree has been awarded before ordering your transcript.  Commencement does not indicate that a degree has been confirmed and posted to transcripts.


  1. Mail - Normal delivery is through first class mail. Transcripts are produced three to five days after receiving your order, and updates are sent to you each time the status changes. Allow another five to seven days for your transcript to be delivered via United State Postal Service.
  2. Electronic – You can receive your transcript as a PDF file via a secure online platform provided by the National Student Clearinghouse. Like a printed transcript, the electronic version is official and can be sent to anyone with a valid email address. If you are interested in this service, please select the option on your order form, which carries an additional $1.00 National Student Clearinghouse processing fee.
  3. Overnight delivery - If you require special, expedited handling, we offer overnight service. (The request must be received and the consent form returned to National Student Clearinghouse by noon Eastern in order to process.) In addition to the $12 per copy transcript fee, there is a $50 fee for expedited service.

Yes! However, if you attended Ball State prior to 1988, please be patient as your transcript order may take more time to process.

We can do that! If you have an attachment that needs to be sent with your transcript, please email us or call us at 765-285-1722 before placing your order so we can walk you through the process and give you more information.

To comply with federal privacy laws, we cannot release a transcript to another person unless you provide a statement including the name of the person who will pick up the transcript. You can email that information to our office. The person picking up the transcript must also present a picture ID when visiting our office.

No. Once you’ve entered a request and the consent form has been processed, there is no way to edit the original request. If Ball State has not processed your transcript request, you might be able to cancel the request and start over. Please call our office at 765-285-1722 if you would like to see if you can cancel your request or if you have any questions about this process.

No. You cannot edit orders once they are submitted for processing.

The link to the PDF needs to be accessed within 30 days from the order.  Once the transcript is downloaded it does not expire.

It is possible. Please save a copy of the PDF transcript. This saved copy can be uploaded to applications.

Unfortunately, we cannot refund the cost of a transcript due to the recipient either not opening or not being able to open an electronic transcript. We recommend you first check with the recipient before ordering an electronic copy to make sure it's safe to send.

Please email us if there is any question about the contents of your transcript.