Students discuss projects at the Student Symposium

The 2021 Student Symposium was held virtually April 13–28. Sponsored Projects Administration partnered with the University Libraries to host the Symposium on Omeka, a flexible web-publishing platform designed for displaying scholarly exhibitions, which allowed the projects to be archivable and more readily available to the wider public.

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2021 Program (PDF)


The Ball State University Student Symposium challenges students to present a creative or scholarly project while competing for scholarship awards and gaining valuable insight from faculty and staff judges. This year, 187 participants presented 110 projects.

For 26 years, the Student Symposium has encouraged interdisciplinary discourse, allowing students to learn from each other about the topics that are most engaging to them. The symposium also provides an opportunity to discuss work with a broader audience than what is usually found in the classroom. 

Students from Ball State (undergraduate and graduate), Burris Laboratory, and the Indiana Academy are invited to submit their research in the form of a dynamic digital exhibit, including written and recorded presentations or other short video entries.

2021 Student Symposium Winners

Congratulations to our top presenters of 2021! 


Pauline Robinson-Stevens
College of Sciences and Humanities | Psychological Science (Honors College) 
“The Impact of Social Status on Attributions of Responsibility in Instances of Sexual Assault” 
Mentor: Dr. Andy Luttrell, Assistant Professor of Psychological Science

Maria Campbell & Ally Lankford
College of Sciences and Humanities | Biology 
“Temperature Controls on Microcystin Degradation” 
Mentor: Dr. Allison Rober, Associate Professor of Environmental Biology

Andrew Rattin, Austin Gustin, Cade Clinton, Alison Vielee, & David Mitchell
Miller College of Business | Information Systems and Operations Management 
“Indianapolis International Airport Pre-Security" 
Mentor: Dr. Fred Kitchens, Associate Professor of Information Systems and Operations Management


Emily Hayes
College of Sciences and Humanities | Environment, Geology, and Natural Resources 
“Peace and Water in the Khumbu—Mitigating Conflict by Integrating Peacebuilding Tools into an Indigenous Water Management Framework” 
Mentor: Dr. Joshua Gruver, Associate Professor of Natural Resources and Environmental Management

Ky Bray
College of Sciences and Humanities | Psychological Science 
“Computerized Analysis of Linguistic Style Differences Between Offenders of Mass Shootings” 
Mentor: Dr. Thomas Holtgraves, Professor of Psychological Science

Briana Halloran
College of Health | Nutrition and Health Science 
“Postpartum Depression and Preconception Vitamin Supplementation: An Analysis of the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS), 2016–2018” 
Mentor: Dr. Mengxi Zhang, Assistant Professor of Health Science

Student Symposium at Ball State University 

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