Jenni Flanagan and a client sit to discuss nutrition

Working Well provides ongoing programs to support your wellness goals throughout the year.


30 Weekdays
30 Minutes/Day Movement Goal
3 Ways to Move
3-Member  Teams


  • This is a physical activity challenge in which employees will strive to walk/run, swim, or bike for 30 minutes a day during the week.  
  • The challenge will run for 30 weekdays, making the challenge 6 weeks long.
  • There are 3 ways to Chase Charlie: on foot, in the water, and on a bike. Feel free to mix up your mode!
  • The challenge is non-competitive. Everyone is chasing Charlie together and we encourage you to make a 3-person team – birds of a feather flock together!
  • Focus on consistency. The goal is to reach 30 minutes of movement every day, but any and all movement is good. Only have time for a 10 minute walk? Great! That’s still an accomplishment.
  • The Challenge will conclude with the 2021 Chase Charlie 5K – you’ve caught Charlie! Participants who register for Working Well's TRI to Catch Charlie Challenge will given a discount code to participate in the 2021 Chase Charlie 5K


  • Team check-ins every week
  • Participants will receive complimentary 5K training plan, warm-ups, stretching. These resources are simply to help those who would like to use this challenge to train for the Chase Charlie 5K and do not have to be used by all participants.
  • Individual and Captain Tracking Sheets will be provided.Team captains will turn in updated team log every Monday via Qualtrics.
  • Weekly emails will be sent to update and encourage you!

Registration Deadline: September 10, 2021
Challenge Starts: September 13, 2021



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  • Lifeworks provides a variety of assessments (sleep, stress, emotional, nutritional, activity, etc) to help determine your risk level in a particular area of health (sign in with your ball state user name and password) Learn more 


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