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Life can be difficult at timesat home and at work. There are times that personal distractions at home can affect our performance at work and just the same, stress at work can also affect our relationships at home.

We live in a fast moving society, where change comes at us at an ever increasing pace, which can be challenging.

Ball State wants to help you cope with these challenges by providing free counseling sessions, self-help tools, online articles and other resources for you and your family members through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Confidential services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at no cost to you or your family. 

Employee Assistance Program Overview (PDF)

Personal/Employee Support

Your everyday life can be very challenging at times. Working to balance your family, relationships, finances and everything else can be overwhelming. It often affects your performance at work, which can often time cause you more stress at home.

Change is constant in our world today. Often times dealing with change can be difficult and leaves us to feel alone and helpless.

Frequently Asked Questions

From five confidential counseling consultations, to multimedia resources, blogs, self-assessments, and online articles Telus can help you manage:

  • addiction and recovery
  • coping with change at home in the workplace
  • couples counseling
  • anger management
  • stress awareness and reduction
  • work relationships
  • skill development

All Ball State employees and their family member living in the household are eligible to receive up to five free consultations with a master level clinical professional either on the phone or in person.

Ball State values the well-being of their employees and is vested in helping them be their best. Therefore, Ball State provides up to five sessions, free of charge, to all employees and their family members per issue.

When you call or chat, you will connect with a trained EAP consultant who will assess your situation. The intake screening will generally take about 10 minutes and will help the consultant determine what services provided by your company will be useful in addressing your situation.

Services can be obtained 24/7 by calling Telus at 1-888-456-1324 or by logging on to

  • Enter your personal Ball State University Credentials

All EAP meetings are confidential:

  • Your EAP session is not part of your human resources file.
  • Participation is always voluntary.
  • Use of EAP will not jeopardize your job.

If the supervisor makes a mandated referral for an employee, they may be informed as to whether the employee kept the appointment. No other information will be disclosed without written consent of the employee.

You are trained in many skills as a manager but supporting the emotional distraught, giving advice on relationship conflicts, supporting a grieving employee or advising on financial health or legal concerns is not part of the expected skill set.

As a manger, you are often faced with these issues that your employees are experiencing. How does the Telus Employee Assistance Program help me bring out the best in the people I manage?
Frequently Asked Questions

Management Services Consultants are dedicated to assisting managers between 8 a.m.–9 p.m. eastern time, to provide assessment, coaching, information and support on several topics including:

  • absenteeism/tardiness
  • conflict management
  • substance abuse
  • personal issues affecting work
  • workplace change
  • motivating and retaining employees
  • violence
  • accidents or traumatic events

Speak with a professional to help you assess the situation and offer support on how to handle a variety of situations.

  • when an employee is going through a difficult time
  • if an employee could use support
  • when and employees is showing signs of stress
  • if personal or work issues are impacting productivity
  • burn out
  • conflicts in communication
  • outburst of emotion
  • poor morale
  • poor attendance or changes in attendance

The program is voluntary, and most employees seek help for the program on their own. Sometimes all they need is a reminder from you.


While most employees use EAP voluntarily, managers can require an employee to engage with EAP professionals as part of their behavior management plan. For guidance on this process contact Employee Relations at 765-285-1823.

EAP is always voluntary and most employees seek help on their own, but sometimes all they need is a simple reminder from you. After the referral the supervisor will receive confirmation of the employee’s attendance at the initial appointment.

You should also speak with a representative from Employee Relations at 285-1823 to see if there is any other action that you need to take.

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Do you have, or have you had, a physical or mental impairment or medical condition that substantially limits a major life activity? You may self-identify through our confidential, online process. Learn more.