Our experts lend their expertise to the community through a variety of events and speaking engagements throughout the year.

CBER Director Michael Hicks hosts The Roundtable, a WIPB program covering public affairs issues and how they affect the people and places of Indiana.

This annual December event is open to the public and features a presentation by an authority in business, policy, or governance. Past keynote speakers include Federal Reserve bank presidents, Indiana governors and lieutenant governors, and the state inspector general.

CBER researchers are available to talk about a variety of economic issues in your area.

  • Michael J. Hicks, PhD – industry health, labor markets, regional economics
  • Dagney Faulk, PhD – tax policy, real estate, public transit, regional economics
  • Srikant Devaraj, PhD – health economics, regional economics
  • Emily J. Wornell, PhD – social demographics, rural/urban divide, regional economics

For more information, contact us.

Partnerships and Affiliations

CBER researchers collaborate with our peers across the university and across the country on a variety of projects.

CBER is a proud member of the Association for University Business and Economic Research, a national organization of our peers in academia.

The American Journal of Business is a double-blind peer-reviewed academic journal with a focus on applied research in the field of business. The Journal was known as the Mid-American Journal of Business until Fall 2007. Ball State is a founding member of the Journal, and CBER served as the managing office for 23 years.

Forecasting is an important component of business decision-making and economic policy-making at all levels. The Business and Economic Forecasting Group serves as a powerful knowledge resource using the diverse expertise of Ball State’s business faculty.

CBER works closely with the Indiana Communities Institute to further the Primacy of Place Initiative through research focusing on population growth, community development, and related issues.

CBER’s policy research touches on a variety of topics. We conduct interdisciplinary scholarship with researchers across campus.