The forecasting of business and economic trends, prices, sales, business cycle activities, commodity flows, and other matters is an important component of business decision-making and economic policymaking at all levels. Miller College of Business faculty use the Business and Economic Forecasting Group as a means to conduct varied forecasting analysis ranging from technical production forecasts to large-scale macroeconomic models and a broader political economic discussion of the uses/misuses of forecasts in policymaking.

The interdisciplinary expertise of the Business and Economic Forecasting Group enables its members to...

  • produce and publish economic forecasts
  • integrate business forecasting into economic forecasts
  • develop industry-specific forecasts (especially related to logistics)
  • offer forecasting expertise to business and government
  • develop seminars or coursework in business and economic forecasting
  • explore programmatic additions of forecasting education within the college
  • foster immersive learning forecasting activities
  • publish forecasting models in peer-reviewed literature
  • develop business and economic forecasting tools for clients
  • integrate qualitative analysis into quantitative forecasts