Each year we meet with thousands of Ball State writers in free writing feedback sessions. Writing theory tells us that writers can make great gains in their writing when they receive individualized feedback during the writing process. Thus, the Writing Center feedback sessions are set up provide you an attentive reader and ample feedback before you submit your final version.

We work with anyone in the Ball State community (students, staff, or faculty). You can make up to three appointments each week and one appointment per day. Appointments begin at the top of the hour and last 45 minutes. Make an appointment now!

During your appointment, the tutor will point out areas of concern and give suggestions for improving your writing. Throughout the session, you will be expected to be actively engaged, making the crucial revision decisions. Your writing improves as you develop skills and build on your writing strengths, focusing on one aspect of your writing at a time. Together, you and your tutor discuss the reason for your visit and determine the most crucial writing tasks to be addressed. The tutor usually focuses on one or two specific aspects of the project that you feel need the most attention. You can make follow-up appointments, if you have additional concerns that could not be addressed in your initial appointment.

Please let us know when you schedule your appointment if you require any accommodations.