To participate in an internship that fulfills academic requirements, follow these steps:


Ball State University’s Career Center can help you search for internships, review your resume, and provide interview tips and practice.

  1. Complete the required prerequisite courses.
  2. Search for an internship several months before your ideal start date to give you enough time to find a position that meets your educational objectives and interests.
  3. Ensure the internship meets the required length. Opportunities during the spring and fall tend to be either part-time (10-30 hours each week) or full time (40 hours each week), while summer internships are often full time. 
  4. Meet with your faculty internship coordinator, who will review your plans, oversee the educational aspect of the internship, and assign your final grade.
  5. Obtain an Internship Eligibility Form from your department according to your area of study for your major or minor.

Contact your faculty internship coordinator below or the department chair to discuss internship opportunities.

Please note internship coordinators are not the same as faculty advisors, who guide students through major and course selection.