Students work on project

The Center for Information and Communication Sciences (CICS) has been preparing graduate students for leadership in the professional and technology industries for over 30 years.

We blend business, technology, law, and digital policy and apply these competencies in many places, including business, government, education, and nonprofit organizations.

Our Program

Every organization today needs information and communication projects, processes, technologies, and training. Our graduates meet the needs of virtually any organization in today’s knowledge society driven by an information economy.

We offer a master’s in information and communication sciences.

Our Faculty and Staff

The Center’s graduates are served by a renowned and dedicated faculty and staff. All the professors in the program are industry professionals, as well as experienced teachers and researchers. This versatility gives our students a unique and highly-valuable learning experience. Learn more about them.

Career Prospects

Our graduates achieve a job placement rate of over 90 percent annually. Alumni report significant increases in salary and opportunities soon after graduation. Our graduates are ready for leadership at any level throughout their careers. Learn more about your career prospects.