Nick Elam
Nick Elam
Associate Professor of Educational Leadership
Curriculum Vitae


Room:TC 909

About Nick Elam

Dr. Nick Elam has served in a variety of roles in P-12 schools, including as a principal, assistant principal, athletic director, and teacher, at the elementary school, middle school, and high school levels, in diverse and rural settings. He joined the faculty at Ball State in 2017. Dr. Elam's research focuses on teacher evaluation systems, and the intersection of leadership and athletics.

Professional Experience

Dr. Elam is an Assistant Professor who teaches primarily in the principal preparation program. He also works with Ed.S. and Ed.D. students.


Miami University 2017
Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Culture, and Curriculum

Recent Research and Publications

Elam, N (2023), School safety trends in the United States.  A shift toward proactive, non-hardened approaches.  Indianagram 25 (3), 20-21.

Geesa, R.L., McConnell, K. R., and Elam, N.P. (2023).  Developmental mentoring:  Tailoring a mentoring program to the changing needs of scholar-practitioner EdD students.  Mentoring & Tutoring.

Elam, N. P. & Geesa, R. L. (2022). Principals’ perceptions of hiring and evaluating school counselors and understanding their working relationships. Presentation at University Council for Educational Administration Annual Convention: Seattle, WA.

Elam, N. P. (2022). Twice as tough: Perspectives of high school athletic directors also serving as assistant principals. The Sport Journal. 

Geesa, R. L., Elam, N. P., & Nugent, V. A. (2022). Exploring principal and school counselor perceptions of school counselor roles and responsibilities to foster collaboration. Presentation at American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting: San Diego, CA.

Conwell, S. E. & Elam, N. P. (2022). School threat assessment teams: A practical approach to navigating the basics for school leaders. Indianagram, 24(3), 14-15. 

Geesa, R. L, Elam, N. P., Quick, M. M. (2021). Leading and supporting school counselors through evaluation systems. Presentation at Indiana Association of School Principals Fall Professionals Conference: Indianapolis, IN. 

Elam, N. P., Geesa, R. L., Ceresa, M. (2021). School counselors’ presence in administrative leadership roles. Presentation at University Council for Educational Administration Annual Convention: Columbus, OH.

Elam, N. P., Geesa, R. L., Teeters, A. D., Mulvihill, T. M., Ritchie, H., Clark, E., & Ceresa, M. L. (2021). Supervisor perceptions of student teachers’ experiences in United States Department of Defense schools in Germany. International Journal of Social Sciences & Educational Studies, 8(3), 213-228.