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Our Accelerated Master's Program (AMP) allows you to begin your graduate studies at Ball State while still an undergraduate student. With this option, you start taking classes for your master's degree while completing your bachelor's degree and double-count your courses toward both, saving time and money as you pursue an advanced education in your field of interest.

This program is open to currently enrolled or admitted Ball State undergraduate students with at least 75 college credit hours and a 3.25 cumulative GPA.

How Does It Work?

As an AMP student, you can count up to 9 graduate credit hours toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees you're working toward. You may also apply an additional 3 graduate credit hours to either your undergraduate or graduate degree (but not both). Together, you can earn up to 12 graduate credit hours toward a master's degree while still an undergraduate student.

What's the Benefit?

As an AMP student, you will earn graduate-level credit hours while only paying undergraduate tuition. These credit hours are applied not only toward your undergraduate degree, bringing you closer to earning your bachelor's degree, but they will also later apply toward your master's degree when you become a graduate student at Ball State. By earning credits for both degrees simultaneously as an undergraduate student, you will save money and time later as a Graduate School student.

As determined by the participating academic program, your graduate-level credit hours earned as part of AMP will be applied to your bachelor's degree as either:

  • a general elective OR
  • a substitute for an equivalent undergraduate course requirement.

For full details about AMP, see the Graduate Catalog.

What to Expect

In the Accelerated Master's Program, you will remain an undergraduate student until you complete your bachelor's degree. Then, you will seamlessly transition to the Graduate School as a graduate student to complete your master's degree.

See what to expect during your undergraduate and graduate phases of AMP below.

as an Undergraduate Student

As an Undergraduate Student

If accepted into AMP, you will remain in undergraduate status and pay undergraduate tuition until you have fulfilled all requirements for your bachelor’s degree. You're expected to maintain a 3.25 cumulative GPA through the conclusion of your bachelor's degree to remain on the AMP track. Even though you'll remain in undergraduate status, your undergraduate GPA will include your graduate-level courses.

Please note that the regular six-year time limit for completing a master's degree will begin once you take your first graduate course after your formal acceptance into AMP. Once you complete your bachelor's degree, you will automatically be admitted to your master's program as a graduate student to complete your studies.

As a Graduate Student

Upon completion of your bachelor's degree, you will be automatically admitted to the applicable master's program to complete your study. Your tuition and fees will be calculated as a graduate student, you will become eligible to apply for graduate assistantships, and the graduate-level credit hours you've earned will apply toward your master's degree as long as you earned at least a B (3.0) grade for each course. If you earned a lower grade in any given graduate course, the department will decide whether to accept it toward your master's degree or not.

At this point, you are a full graduate student. As such, you will be required to meet the GPA requirements for graduate study, which can be found in the Graduate Catalog.

AMP students who decide not to continue into their applicable graduate program at Ball State but still desire to pursue graduate education at another college or university must adhere to the chosen institution's transfer policies. Other institutions may or may not accept transfers of graduate-level credit hours applied to your Ball State undergraduate degree.

How to Apply

Your AMP application is processed when you apply to your master’s program of choice. To qualify for AMP admission, you must:

  • be a current (or currently admitted) undergraduate student at Ball State;
  • have at least 75 completed undergraduate credit hours ( 30 must be from Ball State); and
  • have a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA.

You will apply directly to your chosen master’s program for AMP admission, so you must meet the specified admission requirements for that program, too. Access these admission requirements and the online application below.

Application Instructions

When completing the regular online application for your chosen master’s program, you will need to select “Yes” when answering: “Are you a current Ball State University undergraduate student applying to the Accelerated Master's Program?” This will ensure your application is considered for AMP admission.

Participating Programs

Ball State is accepting AMP applications for select master’s programs. Learn more about each program and its admission requirements in the table below.

Participating Accelerated Master's Programs

Athletic Training (MS)

Biology (MA/MS)

Clinical Psychology (MA)

Communication Studies (MA)

Educational Psychology (MS)

Emerging Media Design and Development (MA)

English (MA)

Mathematics (MA)*

Media (MA)

Psychological Science (MA)

Public Relations (MA)

Quantitative Psychology (MS)

Sociology (MA)

Sport Administration (MA/MS)

Statistics (MA)*

Teaching English to Speakers of
Other Languages (TESOL) and Linguistics (MA)

* This program also offers a master of science degree, but only the master of arts is available for the Accelerated Master's Program.


The Graduate School is here to help you. Contact us with your questions, and we will do our best to assist you.