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You seek to be part of Ball State’s most rigorous intellectual community. Congratulations! For many, the rewards of Honors College scholarship and fellowship prove transformative.

We’ve made applying a simple task. Please pay strict attention to all the requirements and deadlines addressed below.

Admission Requirements

Honors applicants must meet the general university admission requirements as well as the Honors College requirements. We encourage you to apply if you are academically motivated and curious. 

How to Apply

You may apply for admission to the Honors College in one of the following ways, depending on whether you’ve already applied to Ball State:

In the online application for admission to Ball State, you will see the question “Do you wish to apply for admission to the Honors College?”

Select “Yes.”

Apply Now

If you’ve already applied for admission to the university, please email our admissions team and request a form. The form will be added to your online status portal where you can complete and submit it to be considered for admission to the Honors College

Email Us

Transfer and Current Students

  • If you are a transfer student, the application process starts by submitting the online honors college application to the Office of Admissions.
  • If you already attend Ball State, complete this form and email it directly to the Honors College.

Deadlines for Applications and Payment

The Honors College has a competitive, rolling admission review process. Students are strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible. The following dates and deadlines are for students starting in the fall semester.

  • Nov. 15 – Apply to meet the priority deadline for full consideration.
  • April 15 – If you have not applied yet, we suggest you contact us directly to ensure a timely review.
  • June 1 – Confirm your enrollment at Ball State.

Decision Notification

Our dean of the Honors College will notify you whether we’ve admitted you to our program about three weeks after we’ve received all your application materials.

In order to secure your place in the Honors College, you must confirm your enrollment at Ball State by June 1.

Admitted-Now What?

After you've been admitted, find out more about your next steps

Honors Scholarships


Honors College students compete for scholarships and fellowships designed exclusively for Honors College.  A majority of Honors College students receive the substantial Presidential Scholarship or the Ball State Scholars Award. Many applicants receive additional aid from a basket of generous Honors College scholarships. See all of our scholarships.