As a graduate of the Honors College, you are one of the most accomplished, creative and talented members of the Ball State family. It is a joy to hear back from you and keep tabs of your professional and personal development.

At the Honors College, we are eager to hear about your latest career moves and scholarship. Your achievement can inspire current and future honors students to discover their gifts and to realize their potential. We invite you to share with us your success stories.

Help the Next Generation

At the Honors College, we want every qualified student to be a part of our transformative community, regardless of background, financial need, or academic pursuit.

Support from alumni and friends makes this possible. Your generosity helps fund the scholarship resources that allow our students to rise to the full height of their ambitions.

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Update Your Address

Our grads are on the move. But do we have your current address? We send out an alumni survey every fall. If you haven’t heard from us this year, that means we don’t know where you are.

Update Your Contact Info

Share Your Feedback

We welcome feedback from our friends and alumni so we can tell our story to prospective students. When you update your contact information, please give us permission to use your comments. You may find yourself quoted!

Help Shape the Honors College for Years to Come

Your participation in the Honors College doesn't have to end with your graduation from Ball State. You can continue to make a valuable contribution to current Honors College students and activities. You don't need to live close to Muncie, either. We can communicate by email, phone, or regular mail.

Ways to Get Involved

  • Serve as a remote mentor for current students.
  • Provide information about careers.
  • Be a source for research projects.
  • Help recruit high school seniors to the Honors College by writing letters.
  • Make a gift to the college development fund.     

If you would like to discuss how to serve as a remote mentor, be a project resource, provide career information, or write letters to prospective students, please call, email, or mail us.

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For the mentorship or resource programs, please indicate your area of expertise and how you prefer to be contacted.

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