students at an activity fair

STARTALK Chinese Summer Program

This tuition-free summer program for high school students provides an opportunity to learn Chinese and experience the Chinese culture. 

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The classroom experience you’ll have at Ball State is top-notch, but we’ll be the first to add that there’s plenty to learn and experience outside the classroom. You’ll expand your horizons by connecting with others through organizations aimed at students and teachers of language, and you may also choose to expand upon the classroom experience itself by going for departmental honors.

Student Organizations

Receive recognition for your academic achievement and build relationships with other students with similar interests by joining one of our department’s student organizations. You have an array have options: honorary societies, groups dedicate to modern languages and classics such as Latin, one focused on Chinese culture, and many more. See all of our organizations.

Study Abroad

With more than 300 exchange and study abroad options available to you, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to step out of your classroom in Muncie and immerse yourself in the language you’re learning. Learn more.

Professional Organizations for Teachers

If teaching language is your goal, you’ll find lots of professional organizations for teachers eager to make your acquaintance. Some are aimed at world language teachers in general, while others focus on specific languages such as French, Spanish, German, or Japanese. Learn more.

Departmental Honors

The departmental honors option is open to you whether or not you’re enrolled in the university’s Honors College. Requirements vary depending on your language area; your advisor can provide the details. If this is of interest to you, check into it early on during your time as a student, because it will require specialized work in many of your language courses.