The Audio Engineering Technology track is focused on emerging technology and includes such universal skills as coding, network, digital signal processing, and electronics. Produce and record in our state-of-the-art music production facilities with leading technology. From a high-end Dolby Atmos production space to a 10,000 square foot studio suite, this degree will equip you with the practical skills that an ever changing, competitive industry demands. You will take courses in immersive audio, digital signal processing, live sound, and the full spectrum of music production.
The Commercial Music Design track is a unique, exciting concentration that focuses on creative music production and commercial writing for computer games, film, and other emerging media. A unique combination of commercial composition, jazz theory, virtual and acoustic orchestration, and a profound portfolio of technical skill - this is the degree that gives the creative writer the competitive edge to succeed. Collaborate across campus and hone your writing and production skills in our amazing music production facilities. The commercial music design track embraces your musicianship, your individual voice, and gives you the opportunity to produce and write in a professional environment.

The Game and Media Sound Design is an interdisciplinary degree track that places students at the cutting edge of interactive sound and game audio. This future-focused degree equips students with the skills they need to work in game audio and sound design for media. From in-depth game engine studies to immersive audio courses taught in our state of the art studios and Atmos production space, this is the undergraduate experience for the game and interactive media focused student. To ensure that graduates meet the demands of the industry this future focused degree also includes a computer science minor. Unique to this degree track, students will engage in a three semester-long final game design project, where they will be embedded in a game design team of Animation, Computer Science, and MMP students.

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