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To learn more about RDS and to how schedule an appointment for help, visit our studio page: Our team will arrange a meeting (virtual or in person) to follow up.

For information on becoming a faculty fellow, or any questions at all contact Jerrell Cassady.

Great research starts with an idea.

From there, things can get complicated. Fortunately, the Research Design Studio (RDS) exists to help, whether you are student, faculty member, or a leader in a community organization (e.g., school, museum, business). We specialize in supporting individuals with good ideas to build a research or evaluation design that will answer critical questions pertinent to their fields of practice. While our expertise is predominantly in educational and psychological domains – we are in practice experts in developing, implementing, and documenting research strategies that can be useful in any discipline.

RDS Can Help You…

  • Establish high-quality research design for research and evaluation projects
  • Serve as an external evaluation team for your grant projects
  • Develop grant proposals
  • Provide coaching, consultation, or training in advanced statistical analyses
  • Determine the most appropriate instruments and measures for your research questions
  • Develop a research program for junior scholars or senior faculty seeking to branch into new areas of inquiry
  • Deliver professional development sessions to learn strategies for conducting and disseminating research
  • Establish collaborative groups inside and outside of the university

RDS Faculty

RDS is supported by faculty fellows and graduate students with expertise in a broad array of research design and statistical methods. All faculty and graduate students with expertise in research (as well as an interest in developing their own expertise levels) are welcome to be a part of the RDS. Currently, our primary faculty leaders include: