Ball State’s bachelor of arts/bachelor of science degree (BA/BS) in Theatre offers a theatre creation option that supports student exploration in the areas of playwriting, dramaturgy, theatre history, arts management, and other areas related to and around the full theatre development process. This undergraduate only option allows students to do the work necessary, beyond performance, to develop meaningful art. Students have space to double major should they so choose. This option also holds space for students who want to attend Ball State and work with faculty to prepare for a BFA audition as an enrolled student. 

The theatre creation curriculum offers unique course work and extensive experience in research and project-based pedagogy. Faculty mentors support you through the process of becoming an effective and collaborative creator while you work to define your artistic mark. You will gain knowledge in critical analysis and how to articulate artistic intentions, meanings, and possibilities. Comprehensive course work includes directing, theatre history, design, dramaturgy, arts management, among other areas, that prepare you for professional excellence in your future career.  

You are eligible to participate in the robust production season. The 400-seat proscenium theater, flexible studios, and versatile dance venues provide space for exploration of learned techniques and styles, offering you room to create the artist you want to be and be an effective communicator, facilitator, and collaborator. 

Your senior capstone is your opportunity to take action on transitioning from student to the professional career of your choice. 

The BA/BS theatre creation option does not require an interview for admittance, but it is highly recommended to participate in the interview process for scholarship consideration. Students must be academically admitted to Ball State in order to receive an offer in the area of study. Interview and application information is below under Take the Next Step.

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Are you interested in the theatre creation option of the BA/BS in theatre? An interview is not required for admittance but is strongly recommended for scholarship consideration. You must apply for admission to the university prior to scheduling your interview.

Interview requests are made by filling out the supplemental theatre application that is part of the online application to the university. 

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