At the core of Ball State's bachelor of arts/bachelor of science (BA/BS) degree in theatre education is the belief that theatre has the power to change lives. Students are challenged to continually develop their own artistic voice while gaining the knowledge and skill set to teach, inspire, and foster the growth of the next generation of young theatre artists. 

Theatre education coursework, within an undergraduate-only curriculum, provides you with a broad foundation in performance, theatre design and technology, dramatic literature, and theatre history, accompanied by a strong core of liberal arts courses. In addition, the theatre education program is supported by Ball State’s nationally recognized Teachers College. You are afforded teaching, directing, and immersive learning opportunities, allowing you to learn to communicate, collaborate, and problem solve inside and outside of the classroom. 

You will have an opportunity to apply your training through community-based directing and productions assignments. Immersive experiences in local elementary, middle, and high schools provide space for exploration of learned techniques and styles, offering you room to create the artist and teacher you want to be. 

The BA/BS theatre education major does not require an interview for admittance, but it is highly recommended to participate in the interview process for scholarship consideration. Students must be academically admitted to Ball State in order to receive an offer in the area of study. Interview and application information is below under Take the Next Step. 

8 Semester Plan (pdf) Department Scholarships

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Are you interested in the theatre education option? An interview is not required for admittance but is strongly recommended for scholarship consideration. You must apply for admission to the university prior to scheduling your interview.

Interview requests are made by filling out the supplemental theatre application that is part of the online application to the university. 

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