Lohren Deeg

Lohren Deeg

Associate Professor of Urban Planning

Curriculum Vitae


Room:AB 330

Lohren Deeg has bachelor of science (honors), bachelor of architecture, and a master’s of architecture degree from Ball State University. Lohren has served with two university planning and urban design outreach programs, including Community Based Projects since 1996, as well as the CAP:IC (College of Architecture and Planning Indianapolis Center) since 2001. Through these Lohren has participated in, assisted, and facilitated dozens of intensive in-situ community design workshops, commonly called charrettes, in municipalities across the United States, as well as in Italy, Australia, and New Zealand. A number of these projects have gone on to win awards from the American Planning Association as well as regional awards.

Lohren collaborates with the Sustainable Communities Institute in Muncie. The SCI’s mission is to facilitate sustainable strategies and practices for food, water, and energy at the municipal and neighborhood level. SCI promotes the use of closed loop aquaponics agricultural systems as a method of growing food and providing employment in challenged communities. Lohren has worked on a comprehensive plan for the town of Bremen, Ind., and a food hub for a Northwest neighborhood in Indianapolis, and has contributed to a number of site plans for sustainable living and growing center concepts. Lohren’s work with SCI received a people’s choice award for a competition entry to the Baltimore Growing Green Initiative that included a number of entrepreneurial, educational, and urban agriculture concepts. That project also went on to win an honor award for best proposed project at the 2014 Making Cities Livable Conference in Bristol, United Kingdom.

Previous collaborations included the firm of S3 Architects in Muncie. Lohren’s work with them led to a third place judge’s award for the Indianapolis Monument Circle Ideas Competition in 2011. Other collaborations include work with Eden Collaborative of Indianapolis, illustrating several concepts for the Carmel (Indiana) Urban Design Initiative in 2006. Continuing collaborations with MKM Design Inc. and the Indiana University Center on Aging and Community allow Lohren to engage with design and planning issues for aging populations.

Lohren also maintains a small illustration practice as a member of the American Society of Architectural Illustrators with a small number of clients and projects across the architecture, urban design, and planning disciplines.

Engaging citizens with graphic media in a “before and after” comparison has proved to be an effective medium of democratic, open communication and discussion in the conversations of architecture, historic preservation, planning and community development. The facilitation of community visioning is a driving force of Lohren’s practice, skills, teaching, and research.

Lohren’s designs and illustrations have been published in several newspapers, action and comprehensive plans, a number of books, and have been exhibited as part of a number of national and international design competitions. Lohren’s international travel and current research into successful urban design practices and projects is culminating into a book in process called The Details of Placemaking.


  • Honor Award / 1st place for “Making Cities Livable Conference Design Competition, Project Proposal.” Baltimore Urban Farmstead Initiative, “Strength to Love 2.” Illustration (with the Sustainable Communities Institute), Bristol United Kingdom, June 2015.
  • Indianapolis Monument Circle Ideas Competition submission, Third Place Judge’s Award (with S3 Architects), April 2011.
  • Bloomington Senior Arts Colony Charrette. Site planning, illustration. For MKM Design Inc., Indiana University Center on Aging and Community. August 2015.
  • Indianapolis North-West-Area Food Hub Initiative, contributing site planner, illustration (with Sustainable Communities Institute, Kerramida Inc., and Indianapolis Department of Public Works. April-July 2015.
  • Bremen, Ind., Comprehensive Plan & Charrette. Illustration and site planning for Sustainable Communities Institute, Muncie, Ind., summer 2014.
  • Carmel Urban Design Initiative, illustrator with Eden Collaborative, Inc., Indianapolis, 2005-2006.

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