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Health Promotion and Advocacy (HPA) provides inclusive health and wellness education, prevention, and survivor-centered support. HPA contributes to student academic success through promoting and educating about healthier behaviors. HPA strives to create a safer community by providing support, resources, and services to respond to the impact of gender-based violence.

Resources and Services

Individual Consultations

Not sure where to start on your health and wellness journey? Schedule an individual consultation with our Health and Wellness Coordinator.

Meet with HPA staff to discuss sleep, stress, nutrition, sex education, alcohol and other drug education, time management, overall wellness, and/or other public health issues (such as COVID-19 safety).

To schedule a meeting, fill out this form: HPA request form

Request a program or presentation about health & wellness topics connected to personal and academic success. 

Presentations and programs include topics relating to substance misuse, mental health, healthy relationships, sex education, violence prevention, stress/time management, nutrition, sleep, overall wellness, and public health initiatives (such as COVID-19 safety). Presentation and program descriptions can be found here: Outreach Programs. 

Please note we require at least two (2) weeks' notice for programs to allow for adequate staffing. If you need help in choosing a presentation or program, we can help you pick the one that best suits your group's needs. If you do not see a program listed that you are interested in having presented or would like a customized program, please contact or call 765-285-3775. For customized presentations or programs, please note that we require at least three (3) weeks' notice to create and staff the program.

If you'd like to request a program or presentation, you can fill out our form: HPA Request Form

Health Promotion and Advocacy and the Center for Survivor Support offer a volunteer training program for students interested in educating the greater campus community on health and wellness and gender-based violence prevention topics. 

PWAs gain valuable hands-on experience by designing, coordinating, and conducting a variety of programs, presentations, workshops, and digital education for other university students. Students from any major(s) and backgrounds are welcome to participate in the program!

To get involved or learn more visit: Peer Wellness Ambassadors

Health Promotion and Advocacy offers professional development for undergraduate and graduate students through unpaid volunteering, internships, and practicums opportunities, paid graduate assistantships, and job-shadowing. 

Students can tailor-make their internship/practicum experience to meet their personal goals and academic requirements. Professional development opportunities include, but are not limited to, campus-wide program planning, conducting presentations, facilitating workshops, marketing, social media content creation and management, analyzing assessment data, Mental Health First Aid training, and working with Peer Wellness Ambassadors.

Majors that have completed internship or practicum opportunities in the past include Health Education and Promotion/Public Health, Dietetics, Health Science, Psychology, Wellness Management, Sports and Exercise Psychology, Mental Health Counseling, Public Relations, Biology, and Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education. Don't see your major on this list? Don't let that stop you from inquiring! 

If interested, please contact our office for more information at or 765-285-3775.

Sexual and reproductive health is an important part of wellness, especially when 2/3 (two thirds) of Ball State University students report that they are having sex (according to the 2022 National College Health Assessment). Explore campus and community safer sex resources

Located in the department of Health Promotion and Advocacy on the second floor of the Student Health Center, the Center for Survivor Support (CSS) offers 24/7 confidential victim advocacy, survivor support, information and referrals for student survivors of gender-based violence (past or recent). CSS can also assist with filing for a protective order, accompaniment to court, meetings, hearings, and conduct processes pertaining to sexual violence, act as a liaison to the Delaware County Prosecutor's Office, and provide education relating to interpersonal violence, stalking, bystander intervention, healthy relationships, and the Red Zone.

The Menstruation Station is a free resource available to all Ball State University students, located on the second floor of the Student Health Center in Health Promotion and Advocacy. Accessibility to menstrual hygiene resources can effect a person's freedom to work, study, stay healthy and engage in their day-to-day life. Menstrual hygiene products are a necessity and a variety of options can are available at the Menstruation Station along with instructions on how to use each product, menstrual health education, and additional information about other basic needs services and resources available on campus and in the community.

*Menstrual hygiene products can also be accessed for free at the Mini Menstruation Stations in the Counseling Center's Resource Room (LU 310-C) and Health Professions Building's Healthy Lifestyle Center (HPB 155), Cardinal Kitchen, and all women's bathrooms in the L.A. Pittenger Student Center.*

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