As a student, your educational records are protected by FERPA. This protection prevents the university from discussing your records with anyone unless you have established proxy. You may grant others permission to access certain information in Self Service Banner or to speak with specific departments by using the Ball State University Proxy Management system. This is called granting “proxy access,” and you refer to the other person as your “proxy.”

Students commonly grant parents, other family members, and/or spouses access to their personal information. Proxies access records through email, so you must know the email address of the person you wish to grant access. See our proxy FAQ for more information.

Your E-bill cannot be paid thru proxy access. Please refer to Pay a Bill on Student Financial Services website. 

How to Establish Proxy Access

  • Log in to using your Ball State username and password
  • Select Self-Service Banner (SSB)
  • Select Proxy Management
  • Select Add New
  • Enter the First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Verify Email Address, and select the Relationship
  • The Start Date and Stop Date will automatically populate
    • Note: If you wish to change these dates, you may do so at any time
  • Enter a Description for the proxy passphrase
  • Enter a Passphrase for the person. 
    • Note: This is a requirement to allow your proxy to have verbal conversations on your behalf. This is a password; we recommend using a word or phrase because the person will need to provide the exact passphrase along with your Ball State ID number over the phone or email.
  • Under Authorizations, you can either "Select All" or choose each individual item you would like your proxy to have access to. 

The person you just added will receive an email asking them to set up a password. Please note that this is different than the passphrase created above. You will also receive a copy of this email in your Ball State account.

Logging on as a Proxy

Use the steps in the video below to log on as a Proxy.