Ball State ID Card

Students, employees, vendors, and other affiliates who are frequently on campus need a Ball State ID card. This is used to access many important services, such as building access, meal plans, athletic events, and much more.

Learn more about Ball State ID Cards.

Change Personal Information

Have you recently changed your name, your guardianship, or your address? If so, you will need to contact the Registrar to update your personal information with the university.

Learn more about changing your personal information.

Preferred Name

With a commitment to using an individual's preferred, self-identified name wherever possible, the University makes it easy to update this information online.

Learn more about updating your preferred first name.

Proxy Access

As a student, you can grant others permission to access certain information in Self Service Banner or to speak with specific departments. This is called granting “proxy access,” and you refer to the other person as your “proxy.”

Learn more about proxy access.

Self Service Banner

You can use Self Service Banner to register for courses, view your academic records, change your personal information, and more. You can also use the online service to grant proxy access to others.

Use Self Service Banner.