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The Compass Advantage is an integrated approach to helping Ball State humanities majors find their "true north."

Compass Advantage helps humanities students navigate from college to career, providing them with alumni connections, visible post-college career pathways, curriculum, events, and workshops.

Compass Advantage is the only initiative at Ball State devoted to improving the post-graduate success rates of humanities students—specifically—and it’s manned by humanities students themselves.

It's not about "finding a job." It's about students finding their purpose.

Compass Advantage helps you find career direction and get you into a healthy professional mindset. With a speaker series, resumé workshops, and introvert-friendly networking tips, it’s a gentle push to do the things you know you need to do.

 Ben Sapet

Find your True North

Did You Know…?

When you major in the humanities at Ball State, you join a close-knit community of students, faculty, and alumni. In fact, over 200 humanities alumni have joined Cardinals Connect to guide the next generation. They’re standing by to help you with your resume, tell you about jobs in their field, and mentor you as you pivot from college to career.

The Compass Advantage Experience

The life cycle of the Compass Advantage experience begins when you indicate an interest in the humanities and continues through graduation and beyond. Just follow this checklist

Major in the Humanities

Choose a subject you love. When you choose a major in Anthropology, English, History, Modern Languages and Classics, or Philosophy and Religious Studies at Ball State, you’ll get an innovative education PLUS a sense of the direction you crave (figuratively speaking, a compass).

Show Your Support

If you’re an alum, parent, or friend who wants to help support the humanities at Ball State University, then we offer several ways for you to join us! Or if you have any questions, contact one of the members of our steering committee.