The Foundation of Academic Experience

North Quad BuildingThe College of Sciences and Humanities prepares students with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful, innovative, responsible, and visionary 21st Century citizens engaged in a diverse, globalized world.

Encompassing disciplines in humanities, social sciences, and mathematical, natural, and computer sciences, we offer undergraduate and graduate programs in 17 academic departments. Through its majors, minors, and numerous University Core Curriculum required of all Ball State University undergraduates, the college provides students with experiences designed to enhance their ability to analyze situations, think critically, solve problems, and communicate their ideas clearly.

Striving to provide an education that empowers our students to learn in the classroom and the community, they gain knowledge and experience that help them create meaningful and purposeful lives. Focusing on uniting theory with practice, we seek to inspire innovation, encourage intellectual curiosity, and broaden their social, cultural, and scientific horizons.

Traditional liberal arts education leads to career long success. Students find lifelong careers in the fields of healthcare, human resources, business, education, technology, law, human services and many others.

Departments and Programs