data analytics

Quick Facts

  • Delivery - on campus with many online course options
  • Credits - 50-58

Ball State's bachelor's degree in data analytics provides a comprehensive approach using statistics and computer science to make actionable insights on data preparing you for the digital information age. Data analytics is an emerging interdisciplinary field at the intersection between statistics, applied mathematics, computer science and an application domain of your interest. Statistical thinking, technical and multi-modal communication skills are top qualities to have for a successful career in the field of data analytics.

In today’s rapidly expanding technological world, huge amounts of data are being generated continually as we leave our digital footprint every time we use a technology. Data has now become the frontier for business and fuel for industries. “The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data” – The Economist, 2017.

Data analytics delivers the necessary skillsets to turn volumes of data into meaningful insights for businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, health care systems, and non-profit organizations. Industries such as banking, finance, manufacturing, transport, e-commerce, applied sciences, and education sectors utilize data analytics in day-to-day activities. The following shortlist of emerging fields are in need of data analytics skillsets:

  • Athletics with emphasis on sports analytics
  • Aviation with the need of predictive and management analytics
  • Dating industries with the need of pattern recognition
  • Health care with an emphasis on insurance and biomedical data analytics
  • Social and criminal justice systems

Graduates with a degree in data analytics generally find work in the following occupations:

  • Data analyst
  • Data engineer
  • Database specialist
  • Business analyst
  • Network and system engineer
  • Market specialist
  • Financial analyst
  • Health data analyst/ biostatistician
  • Statistician
  • Mechanical and related engineer
  • Data architect
  • Data and analytics manager

Our program offers education within diverse application areas including environment, geography, criminology, sociology, psychology, computer science, and business. You’ll gain a diverse set of skills across all facets of data analytics while getting to develop a deeper specialization in a single area through one of our concentrations. 


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