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Quick Facts

  • Delivery: on campus with many online course options
  • Credits: 21

This concentration is one of four in our bachelor’s degree in Data Analytics.

Media analytics is the study of audiences. Data analysts are trained to collect information, explain what it means, and instruct others on how to utilize it. They work within and consult with companies to use data to plan content strategies and understand media effectiveness. There is an abundant treasure trove of data ready to be mined. Streaming data, social media data, and website data are just the beginning. In nearly every industry, companies are looking for trained data analysts to mine data to determine content effectiveness and develop strategies. But it's not just about collecting data and creating visual displays, it's about knowing how to tell the story of the data. In our data analytics program, you will learn how to collect, analyze, interpret, and present data to key stakeholders in a company.

Skillsets you will earn with this concentration include:

  • Acquisition, processing, analysis, and reporting of streaming, social media, and website data
  • Media data visualization
  • Statistical models and tools for analyzing large volumes of media data
  • Computational skills for analyzing media data

Potential Career Paths:

  • Media Analyst
  • Media Data Analyst
  • Media Data Manager

Alumni Testimonial: Eddie Metzger at MKR Agency

Eddie Metzger

As a Data Analytics major with a concentration in Media Analytics, you will learn how data is collected and analyzed to create engaging content for a target audience. Eddie Metzger, an advertising alumni with an emphasis on media analytic studies, now works as an Account Supervisor for MKR Agency. Using data analytics, he is able to understand what it takes to make decisions for a company to thrive.

“If you're not paying attention to the performance of your marketing via digital analytics or traditional performance metrics, you're missing opportunities to optimize and make regular improvements,” Eddie Metzger said. "Media analytics and data analysis are essential to any key decision maker in most, if not all, businesses. While the number of website visits, or the amount of 'likes' on a social media post may seem arbitrary, it's the methodologies and theories behind how this data is collected and how decisions are made from this information that is the important takeaway."

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