Jill Bradley-Levine
Jill Bradley-Levine
Associate Professor of Educational Studies
Curriculum Vitae


Room:TC 830

About Jill Bradley-Levine

My research has centered on the professionalization of teaching around three areas: (1) the development of and participation in communities of learning, (2) teacher agency through leadership initiative, and (3) instructional innovation.

Professional Experience

Director of Research

Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning (CELL), University of Indianapolis

Designed and conducted research to evaluate program and initiative effectiveness, and inform improvement efforts for CELL projects. Partnered with schools and districts to examine school culture, teacher leadership, parent engagement, program effectiveness, instructional initiatives, and community perceptions through quantitative and qualitative metrics and analysis. Wrote grants to support existing and new initiatives including the Indiana STEM Teacher Recruitment Fund Grant, which funded the statewide STEM Teach program.

Adjunct Professor

School of Education, University of Indianapolis

Taught undergraduate and graduate education courses utilizing instructional technologies and innovative pedagogies.

Research Fellow

Center for Urban and Multicultural Education (CUME), Indiana University, Indianapolis, Indiana, June 2007-May 2009

Designed multiple program evaluation plans for community and education partners.


Ph.D. Education Policy Studies

Indiana University School of Education, Bloomington, Indiana

M.A. Secondary Education

Ball State University Graduate School, Muncie Indiana

B.A. English Education

Ball State University Honors College, Muncie Indiana

Research and Publications

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Course Schedule
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Doctoral Dissertatio 799 JBL 0000 - 0000 OL, room ONLINE
Doctoral Exam Prepar 700 JBL 0000 - 0000 OL, room ONLINE
Se School Curriculum 620 800 0000 - 0000 OL, room ONLINE
Sem Curr Staff Dev E 700 800 0000 - 0000 OL, room ONLINE
Staff Dev to Strengt 680 800 0000 - 0000 OL, room ONLINE