Carolyn Malone
Carolyn Malone
Associate Professor of History
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Room:BB 206

Teaching and Research Specialties
Modern Britain, Modern Europe, Modern European women

Carolyn Malone is currently working on her second book entitled, The Art of Remembrance: Designers, the 'Public', and the Contest over Commemoration in Post-World War I Britain. Her book, Women's Bodies and Dangerous Trades in England, 1880-1914, was published in 2003 in the Royal Historical Society's Studies in History New Series, by the Boydell Press, United Kingdom. She has published in the Journal of Women's History, Journal of British Studies, Albion, and Labour History Review. Malone has presented papers on British and labor history at numerous national and international conferences as well as the Berkshire Conference on the History of Women. Malone serves on Ball State University's Core Curriculum Task Force.

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